... and because I've done this a hundred times by now. I know the absolute bare-bones bits of language you need to start communicating your new concept, and how do it well. 

Whether you're test-pitching a new idea to friends, trying to partner with a co-founder or you're ready to land some serious money, the way you introduce yourself matters. First impressions count. 

So I developed this Solo Special package especially for teams of one, to help communicate and introduce your new idea with personality, confidence and authenticity. 


SOLO SPECIAL: the very basics

Go from seed of an idea to a now-we're-a-concept, because everything we do together in this stage will form a strong foundation for launching your brand. You'll get access to tools I've developed for myself to figure out target demographic, target psychographic and brand personality. You'll come out of this with a short, visual deck introducing your new concept. All in under two weeks time. 

  • Kickoff Call / Skype Session
  • Brand Brief Worksheet to help you get smart on your brand
  • 3 possible tag lines for your concept
  • 3 Elevator Pitches (Short pitches under 1 minute)
  • Short Form About Us (2-3 paragraphs)
  • Short Form Brand Deck (5-page visual PDF) 

Package cost: $900

Cost too high? 

Try some of my tools at a significantly reduced rate by going through my worksheets yourself.