It's your idea. You should get to bring it to life. By this time you have a pretty good idea of what your brand is about. You're pretty sure it's a good idea. More than a few people have told you so. So maybe you're ready to find an investor. Maybe it's time to share the concept with someone who can help, perhaps a co-founder or a partner. Or maybe you told someone about your concept at a party and the next week they call you saying, hey... about that idea... 

A great idea isn't enough. You need to know how to sell it. This course will take you through the basics of compelling storytelling, and show you how to apply them to something that seems as functional as a pitch deck.

Timing: Build it at your own pace. Once you submit the assignment for one capsule, the next one is sent to you. You can power through it in a few days or take as long as you need. 

Cost: $600

What you'll have when the course is over

  • A shareable, visual brand book. Between 20-30 pages in PDF format. An indispensable tool for pitching, landing money, building a team, designing a product... you name it, you need this.
  • The InDesign template for your brand book, so can continue to make edits and changes as you develop your brand. 
  • One-on-One Brand Book review. You get a 20-minute session with me reviewing the draft of your brand book, and feedback on what's working and what could be better. 
  • Access to a private Facebook Group filled with other entrepreneurs, just like you

Is this going to take forever? 

It will take you as long as it takes you - it's designed for people to take at their own pace. Each class capsule is delivered digitally. When you complete one capsule, the next one is sent to you. There are eight capsules in total. Each capsule should take between 15 and 30 minutes.  

course overview

  • Beginning, Middle & End: Why start with an outline and how to build one
  • Know Your Goals: How do you want your audience to respond?  
  • The Important of Titles and Section Breaks and how to make them work for you
  • The Five Pillars of the Pitch: Essential information every pitch should include
  • Share Your Mood: How to source the perfect imagery for your pitch
  • How to do a productive Verbal Runthrough of your pitch
  • Pitch Deck Review: At the end of the class, send your pitch deck over to me and I'll send you a full page of notes. 

25 pitchers ONLY

Everyone in the course gets personalized attention, so I'm only taking 25 pitchers at a time. Book your spot with a $50 deposit and you'll be first in line when the course launches in January.

If you're not ready to deposit but you want to be the first to know, shoot me your email, or check out the full syllabus below


Class Capsule One: Hook, Line & Sinker

Also known as the Grab, The Problem and the Solution. These are the basic pillars of a pitch. If you don’t know what yours are, you’re already dead in the water. Using a series of exercises, we’ll figure out your most compelling statement, the problem your concept hopes to solve and the unique solution your concept provides. 

Class Capsule Two: Know Your Audience

This applies two ways. Know the audience for the brand or product you’re building. I’ll show you how to deep researh some of your key competitors identify 

We’ll look at some of your key competitors and see what they’re doing… and how you can do it better. Also… are you pitching in person? Are you sending this document around via email? Sometimes a presentation that stuns in a room isn’t the best emailer, and vice versa. We’ll find the right format for you. 

Class Capsule Three: Brand Story Basics

Now you’re ready to start crafting the outline. Beginning, Middle, End. Hook, Line, Sinker. Tee it up, shut it down. These terms exist for a reason. People respond to story arcs, it’s in our nature. I’ll show you how to apply the basics of dramatic structure to your pitch and distill it down to outline form, beat by beat, slide by slide. 

Class Capsule Four: Design the Deck

Now that you have an outline, we want to bring it to life with imagery. We’ll look at each slide and figure out the best way to visually share that information. Stock photo? Infographic? Illustration? Every brand has different needs. I’ll share resources for finding great stock images as well as share strategies for finding and defining your brand’s look… even before you have a final logo. Yes, it’s possible! 

Class Capsule Five: Bringing it all together / Seriouysly know your audience. 

I provide Indesign templates

Capsule Six: Pitch it!

By now you have a full draft of your pitch. Congrats! I want to make myself available to each of you for feedback, so you can either email me your pitch for feedback, or we can schedule a 20-min session for you to pitch it yourself.


I've been doing a beta version of this class for the last few months, and I'm making a few tweaks before launching publicly. Since I'll be working directly with everyone taking the course, the course is limited to 25 people only. Sign up below to book your spot!