By this time you have a pretty good idea of what your brand is about. You're pretty sure it's a good idea. More than a few people have told you so. So maybe you're ready to find an investor. Maybe it's time to share the concept with someone who can help, perhaps a co-founder or a partner. Or maybe you told someone about your concept at a party and the next week they call you saying, hey... about that idea... 

A great idea isn't enough. You need to know how to sell it. This course will take you through the basics of compelling storytelling, and show you how to apply them to something that seems as functional as a pitch deck.

Timing: Build it at your own pace. Once you submit the assignment for one capsule, the next one is sent to you. You can power through it in a few days or take as long as you need. 

Cost: $450

What it includes

  • InDesign template including basic outline for pitches with templates different components (title, subtitle, image, text block, mood board.) 
  • Pitch Review: At the end of the course, everyone gets to pitch me and I'll offer feedback on their pitch. Written or verbal. Your choice. 
  • Access to a private Facebook Group filled with other entrepreneurs, just like you. 

course overview

  • Beginning, Middle & End: Why start with an outline and how to build one
  • Know Your Goals: How do you want your audience to respond?  
  • The Important of Titles and Section Breaks and how to make them work for you
  • The Five Pillars of the Pitch: Essential information every pitch should include
  • Share Your Mood: How to source the perfect imagery for your pitch
  • How to do a productive Verbal Runthrough of your pitch
  • Pitch Deck Review: At the end of the class, send your pitch deck over to me and I'll send you a full page of notes. 

25 pitchers ONLY

Everyone in the course gets personalized attention, so I'm only taking 25 pitchers at a time. Book your spot with a $50 deposit and you'll be first in line when the course launches in January.

If you're not ready to deposit but you want to be the first to know, shoot me your email, or check out the full syllabus below



I've been doing a beta version of this class for the last few months, and I'm making a few tweaks before launching publicly. Since I'll be working directly with everyone taking the course, the course is limited to 25 people only. Sign up below to book your spot!