Just a few letters to fulfilling your destiny. Just a single word or two, yet it will last the entire life of your brand. One of the first things you decide, and the longest you live with. You want to communicate what you're doing but still feel marketable, memorable. You want it to have a sense of X, feel like Y, sound like Z. Like I said, it's hard. 

But over years of helping clients find names they love, I've come up with some fun creative tools to jumpstart the brain into thinking smart about names. I'll share some worksheets and exercises to get smart about your brand first, so you can make some decisions about naming priorities. I'll suggest some places to get some outside-the-box ideas and share some tools to jiggle ideas loose. Word games will help you figure out mouth-feel and sound. 


You will need some analog tools. A pencil, scratch paper, and most importantly: a dictionary and thesaurus. Not online ones. Real ones.