In this worksheet, I want to know the basics behind WHO you are trying to reach with your new brand.

I am a... *
My relationship status is: *
1 being I hate my job and think about leaving it daily 10 being I'm deeply fulfilled and there's nothing I would change right now
I am ____ years old. *
I would describe my money situation as *
I am most likely to spend extra money on *
I have a college degree or higher *
I am a parent.
I am well traveled *
I prefer to travel.... *
I care about status symbols *
I would describe my personality as *
True or False: Your friends all come to you for restaurant or travel recommendations *
In your free time, you are mostly like to be found: *
Do you prefer _______ or________? *
I am concerned with my appearance *
Do you prefer_______ or ______? *
My most likely side-hustle is as a: *