My process pairs your audience needs with a creative deep dive into language and tone. My writing comes from a character-driven, audience-considering, storytelling-above-all place. No cold agency speak here. No out-of-touch marketing tactics. Everyone talks about authenticity but this is how you achieve it: by digging deep and getting personal. You're telling a story with your brand, but you're also asking the audience to buy into that story. So my goal with every word is: will it make you feel something? Will it make you do something? And will it make you do and feel those things over and over again? 






Rammy was a true pleasure to work with. She placed herself into our shoes and that of our clients and came up with great copy that really communicated what we needed. She was timely, communicative and open to feedback. We will definitely be working with her again!
— Sep N, Co-Founder, Abacus Therapies
Rammy is a total pro. She is whip smart, works fast and makes everything feel so easy. Highly, highly recommend.
— Brian K, Founder & CEO of new search app
Hire this woman! She will make your life easier, and your brand will be the better for it. She rewrote my landing page and I almost immediately experienced an uptick in people reaching out to me asking for my services.
— Kyung A., Beauty Consultant & Stylist


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